There’s something comforting about the original local corner shop of your childhood. The Anya Mart harks back to the ’80s heyday of these minimarkets, but with limited edition items and a few surprises’ - Anya Hindmarch

Our latest concept store, the Anya Mart, arrives at the Village Hall from 2nd March until 7th April. A tongue in cheek love letter to that stalwart of the British High Street of yesteryear – your local corner shop – the space is wonderfully nostalgic, think retro colours, bold tiling and beautifully stacked shelves. Inside, you’ll find the Anya Brands collection alongside a range of dynamic limited edition designs.

Don’t miss the latest edition of the Universal Bag – a limited edition smaller version, the Mini Universal Bag is exclusive to the Anya Mart*. Also in store, you’ll find our delicious new line up of Anya Brands scented candles and the Anya Mart is fully stocked with our Anya Brands collection – a line up of pieces which turns our favourite household names into beautifully crafted designs. Plus, discover our playful collection of grocery-inspired produce – from Anya shopping lists to playful cleaning supplies.

‘I’ve always had a fascination with taking an everyday thing – a household brand, a day-to-day food item – and elevating it, using artistry and craftsmanship to turn something ordinary in something extraordinary’ - Anya Hindmarch

*Due to an overwhelming response the sales of the Mini Universal Bag, these are now sold out and no longer available.

Address: Anya Mart, The Village Hall
11 Pont Street, London SW1X 9EH

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